Nautiqo rope boat Fenders

  • Nautiqo handmade rope fender / stootwil aan boot. marine products accessories

Nautiqo produces rope boat Fenders. We combine craftsmanship with modern materials.  We find our inspiration in tall fisherman tales and take old craftsmanship & functional classics from the nautical world and re-invent them using modern materials & technologies.

Nautiqo Rope Fenders in short:

The Nautiqo approach results in high quality, functional boat products & boat accessories that form a unique sophisticated addition to your beloved boat. Our fenders come in different designs, colors and sizes. If you would like to order fenders in a different size, shape or color please let us know. We love  a challenge.
Protect your boat in style, with our lovely handmade Rope Fenders!


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Materials used in our rope boat Fenders

We use high quality fenders as a base for our products (Dan Fender) to ensure your boat enjoys the best protection.  The lines and rope types that are used in Nautiqo fenders are made with soft but durable fibers. Our fenders are available in various sizes and colors. We finish our products with high quality materials like leather, kevlar and making sure our products are durable and strong. Get your set of Rope Fenders in the size & color that best suits your boat.



Our fenders are made by the women of Wereldwijven. Thanks to the unique collaboration between Nautiqo and Wereldwijven, we can offer labour intensive products, that require a high level of craftsmanship and finishing, on a large scale. The women of wereldwijven often have a background in crafts, but cannot find a job because of circumstances. The Wereldwijven initiative offers these women a safe haven. A place to meet, to work, to have fun and to learn how to speak (Dutch) our language. Learn more about the collaboration, or visit

Boating accessories

Nautiqo aims to design boating accessories for maritime enthusiasts with fabulous taste. Stay tuned!